INTRODUCE Purple Perilla
Su Ye / alias in Dengfeng. There are two kinds of perilla, purple and green. Perilla is a comprehensive cross commodity, which can be used medicinally, is a common clinical drug, and can be eaten. In the form of medicine, the stem is called purple stem, the leaf is also known as Su Ye, the solution table, the seed is also called perilla seed, black perilla seed, red perilla seed, is the important ingredient of Su Zi Jiangqi decoction. Dissipate the cold and solve the surface, regulating the width of qi.
  • α-Linolenic acid
    Nourishing the liver liver protection, lowering blood lipid,
  • p-Coumaric acid
    Eliminate free radicals, antioxidant activity, inhibit harmful bacteria activity, inhibit thrombosis
  • Cypermethrin
    Prevention of seed tumor formation, prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, regulation of blood glucose and anti-aging

Huannan zisuyuan technology development co. LTD

In 2016, relying on the 100,000 Mu perilla planting base in the forest area, Huanan Perilla Garden Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. was established. With perilla oil as the leading product, more than 100 series of Perilla products of 9 categories were gradually developed....

perila seed oil mill Including Perilla oil, health food, snack food, processed food, Whole grains, seasoning products.
  • — Organic traceability
  • — Advanced technique
  • — Provide security
  • — Long history

Organic traceability—— Huanan Forest Area in Heilongjiang Province

Huanan Forest region of Heilongjiang Province is located in the four major black soil zones in the world. The northeast plain of China, with sufficient sunshine and abundant Rain Water, is the most suitable. The natural producing areas where perilla grows, according to the inspection of the authoritative departments of the state, The organic content of perilla seeds planted in Huanan forest region is more than 90%. MORE

Advanced technique—— Physical Low Temperature Primary Cold Pressing Technology

The company introduced the world's first variable frequency cold press, using physical low temperature primary cold pressing process to ensure that perilla seeds do not suffer any damage, no additives, The cold pressed perilla seed oil can be preserved for a long time, the production process is completely closed, the liquid and pressure are completely separated, and the oil products in the whole process are not in contact with the external environment. MORE

Provide security——Achievement of National Honours

The company has passed ISO 9001, ISO22000 quality management system certification, HACCP food safety management system certification, organic certification, China forest certification and China forest food certification, perilla ecological origin certification, "Huannan perilla" geographical indication, completed 11 enterprise standards and applied for and "perilla seed oil" group standards. MORE

Long history—— Perilla is a traditional Chinese medicine and food treasure

Basil is commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine in China and is also used as a vegetable or tea in a few areas. The planting has a history of about 2000 years. It was recorded by li shizhen in the Ming dynasty that "when purple Perilla was tender, it had leaves and verges, or salt and bittern as crispus crispus, and it was used for perking and drinking in summer".。 MORE
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